A tip from the horse industry

We have had to admit that sometimes there are ideas right in front of the nose of someone you can overlook when you are in full swing with something in another industry. Therefore, it was incredibly lucky that Poul Pinholt had a meeting with someone from Viborg technical school, who in his spare time was also busy with riding and the riding school in Viborg. She said that there could be a market for our landing stairs in the equestrian sport, as there are some who may have difficulty getting on the horse for various reasons.

 This is of course something we want to investigate and we have therefore chosen to produce some stairs for that purpose. The principle of the stairs will be the same, but there is the difference that the stairs will be welded to a base plate so that it does not sink into the soft soil that can be in the various horse stables and on the riding arenas. We are very excited to explore this market.

 Viborg riding school will therefore be the first to receive these stairs and then we must see where this can lead us.

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