A tip from the horse industry

A tip from the horse industry

We've come to realize that sometimes, ideas are right in front of us and can be overlooked when engrossed in another industry. It was incredibly fortunate that Poul Pinholt had a meeting with someone from Viborg Technical School, who also happened to be involved in horse riding and the riding school in Viborg during her free time. She mentioned the potential market for our gangway stairs in the equestrian world, as some individuals may face difficulty getting onto a horse for various reasons.

This is something we are eager to explore, and consequently, we have decided to manufacture some stairs for this purpose. The principle of the stairs will remain the same, but the key difference is that they will be welded to a base plate to prevent sinking into the soft ground found in various horse stables and riding arenas. We are very excited to investigate this market further.

Viborg Riding School will be the first to receive these stairs, and we'll see where this venture takes us.

Perhaps we are fortunate that an opportunity has presented itself, but only time will tell...

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We are a production company that produces boat walkway stairs for partoon bridges. For this we have created this website which makes it easier to book directly.


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