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Drowning accidents in Denmark

Drowning accidents in Denmark

From the year 2001-2015, 954 drowning accidents have been registered in Denmark - of which 159 people drowned in connection with traffic at the port. FLID (The Association of Marinas in Denmark) has summarized some data that are worth keeping in mind when thinking about safety at the port.

· The vast majority were men (92%)

· 76% were aged 45 years or older

· In 65% of the accidents at the port, alcohol was involved

· Only 16% of drowning accidents were witnessed by others.

· At the ports, the victims were often alone when they fell into the water

· Most accidents were only discovered when the victims were reported missing

· Many of the accidents happened in the dark

At, we would of course like to help reduce this.

FLID is working on a project which they call SAFE PORT. In this project, they will ensure that the security equipment for the ports will be within the applicable rules in relation to the SAFE PORT requirements and they hope and expect that in 3 years as many ports as possible will be certified as a SAFE PORT.

Where do landing stairs come into the picture?

The requirement for rescue ladders. To be certified for SAFE PORT, it is a requirement that there must be a visible rescue ladder every 50m. In addition, the rescue ladders must be marked with yellow fluorescent and reflective foil that makes it easy to see them from the water surface, even in low light, otherwise the rescue ladders must be marked with light. In addition, there is a requirement that the ladders protrude at least 1m. during normal low tide.

 Where it is an advantage to choose us for this task is that we have experience in making rescue ladders. In addition, they are Danish produced and you as a port are allowed to make your own mark on how you want the ladder to look and be dimensioned. In addition, you can also come up with suggestions for material and we are always ready to have a dialogue about how we think it is a good and safe solution that the port makes. We have delivered 10 rescue ladders to Sæby Harbor, which is one of the frontrunners on project SAFE HARBOR.

If you have any questions about this and would like help answering, please contact us via the contact form or call us on 97 54 22 77.

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