Landing staircase Flat Foot

    If you are looking for safe landing then you have come to the right place. We produce and sell landing stairs and landing ladders for your needs. We have been in the metal business for almost three decades. So if you want a safe harbor or at least a safe berth, then you have come to the right place. This staircase for boats is the safest on the market.

    Flat foot, 3 steps image 2
    3.261,36 kr.
    Flat foot, 4 steps image 2
    3.787,14 kr.
    Flat foot, 2 steps image 2
    2.889,25 kr.
    Stairs with closed sides image 2
    2.500,00 kr.
    Flat foot, 1 step image 2
    2.063,75 kr.

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    We are a production company that produces boat walkway stairs for partoon bridges. For this we have created this website which makes it easier to book directly.


    Street address:
    Hjortevej 2.a 7800 Skive - Denmark

    +45 97542277


    CVR Number

    Pinholt Metal Working A/S 28849974