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Stairs with closed sides

2.500,00 kr.

Pinholt Metal Working

A staircase with closed sides and non-slip steps. Can stand both inside and out. It is made for climbing on horseback, but can also be used for other purposes e.g. garden trampoline, swimming pool or at the harbor.

Product Description

This staircase is our latest shot at the trunk of products. The product is a cheaper alternative to the others, but we have not reduced the quality. However, the customer must assemble the various parts himself (see the film).

It is straightforward and a collection drawing will be included, so it is easy to go to. The stairs are in hot-dip galvanized sheet, so it can withstand all kinds of weather. Like the other stairs, it also has non-slip steps.

The stairs weigh 26 kg. when assembled.

The stairs contain:

  • 4 non-slip steps
  • 1 back plate
  • 2 side plates
  • 3 plates between steps
  • Bolts and nuts to fit the stairs
  • Height : 62.00 cm
  • Width: 41.00 cm
  • Length : 61.00 cm

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