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Benefits of ordering collectively as a harbor

Pinholt Metal Working gangways – An investment in safety and functionality for your harbor.

Pinholt Metal Working A/S - Effective Solutions for Harbors

Benefits of Buying in Larger Quantities:

Economic Gain:

  • Greater purchasing volume results in lower production costs per gangway, leading to a more favorable purchase price.

Combined Freight Advantage:

  • A consolidated freight solution reduces costs compared to individual shipments for each person at the harbor.

Uniform Appearance:

  • Create a consistent look at the harbor, avoiding improvised solutions like milk crates and other disparate inventions. Glyngøre Harbor serves as a reference frame.

Increased Safety:

  • Our gangways are designed with a focus on stability and strength, elevating the safety standards at the harbor. They ensure a secure transition from boat to dock, reducing the risk of accidents.

Pinholt Metal Working - Effective and Locally Manufactured Solutions

We deliver effective and reliable solutions that make harbors safer, more functional, and uniform. Our products are locally manufactured at our own factory in Skive in denmark. We are open to dialogue and collaboration with harbors, regardless of the project's size.

Self-Rescue with Rescue Ladders:

Our rescue ladders are designed for quick self-rescue in water emergencies.

Experience from Glyngøre Harbor:

Glyngøre Harbor has already benefited from our gangways with 44 installations. Let us work together to make your harbor safer and more professional. We also have a successful collaboration with NBC Marine, ensuring our gangways are specially tailored to their type of floating docks.

Order Practical and Efficient Solutions:

Explore our two gangway models with different heights here on our webshop. For larger orders or customized solutions, contact Poul Pinholt at +45 9754 2277 or email to discuss your needs.

Pinholt Metal Working = Secure Gangways!

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We are a production company that produces boat walkway stairs for partoon bridges. For this we have created this website which makes it easier to book directly.


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