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Boat walkway stairs

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Boat walkway stairs

Pinholt Metal Working is a metal working company that manufactures solutions for numerous different industries and issues. Specifically, this webshop has been made for the purpose of promoting and selling boat walkway stairs used for pontoon bridges, as shown in the pictures. The stair has already been supplied to multiple satisfied customers in different Danish harbors. It comes in four different standard varieties as visible in the picture on the right-hand side. The stair is customizable which is further elaborated in the following section. Below is a video presentation showing the functionality of the stair.

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Customized solutions

Pinholt Metal Working can moreover customize the boat walkway stairs according to your needs. For instance, this could be modifications of fork height, fork width, or similar, to make the stair fit perfectly for your pontoon bridge. However, seeing that customized items differ from the standard products they may entail a different delivery date and price. If the ladder is of interest for you or your business, the general manager, Poul Pinholt, is open for an informal talk to clear up potential questions. In case you have measurement specific questions, please annotate the measurements (a, b, and c), as shown in the picture on the left, in an email. Poul Pinholt is available any business day between 08 AM and 4 PM and can be contacted via email:, or phone: +45 97542277.

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