Stairs to horse - Ascension stool to horse

Stairs to horse - Ascension stool to horse

It's here! We have produced our test models of the mounting steps for Viborg Riding Club.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we were suggested by a member of Viborg Riding Club to explore the possibility of further developing the gangway stairs for use in riding arenas and horse stables. This sounded like a sensible idea to us, and we initiated a "demo model," which members of the riding club have become the "guinea pigs" for, to assess if any design changes are needed. So far, it seems that many riders prefer avoiding the handrail as they fear getting a leg caught when mounting the horse. This valuable feedback is crucial for us, being newcomers to this industry. However, it appears that many appreciate the new initiative and are happy that efforts are being made to make mounting a horse easier and safer.

We find this project exciting and appreciate that a place like Viborg Riding Club has chosen us to kickstart the project. You are always welcome to contact us with good new ideas, and the man in the picture, Poul Pinholt, is always ready to discuss whether it's a new idea or improvements to an existing one.

We hope that many other riding clubs and riding schools can see the value in these secure mounting steps, and if you need any produced, please contact us.

Click on the contact button and fill out the form, or send us a direct email at

You are also welcome to contact us by phone at +45 97542277, for direct contact with the man in the picture.

You can also purchase various other riding equipment by following this link.

Have a great day!

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