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10 November 2020
A tip from the horse industry

We have had to admit that sometimes there are ideas right in front of the nose of someone you can overlook when you are in full swing with some…

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07 October 2020
Drowning accidents in Denmark

From the year 2001-2015, 954 drowning accidents have been registered in Denmark - of which 159 people drowned in connection with traffic at the…

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05 May 2020
Other pages

We have a production page where you can see what else we can produce: also make ship filters. For this we have this web…

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27 April 2020
Special mål

Hvis der ønskes special mål på gaflen, så er dette selvfølgelig også en mulighed. Dette er dog ikke en lagervare og derfor vil det kræve nogle …

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We are a production company that produces boat walkway stairs for partoon bridges. For this we have created this website which makes it easier to book directly.


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