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Tips for the new yacht owner - Choice of port

Tips for the new yacht owner - Choice of port

Do you know that it can be difficult to choose? This can also be the case when choosing a port. In this blog post, we will try to describe three tips on how to make sure you make the right choice.

Tip 1 Security: The first thing to check is which ports are in your immediate area. If you live close to the coast, there are often a number of ports to choose from. However, this should only be seen as an advantage when choosing. However, there are some things to keep in mind when making the choice. Here we call for examining the security of the various ports. Have you, for example. children, or the elderly who have difficulty walking or other defects. Then it is important that the port has a good security policy. Check if there are: 1. rescue ladders nicely distributed around the harbor bridges. 2. defibrillators nearby, so that you do not suddenly find yourself in a situation where you feel powerless if the accident should be out. Here you have to think about yourself and your future neighbor at the harbor. 3rd lifebuoys distributed around the harbor, where they are visible to everyone. 4. A port with life in it. Understood in the sense that you are not alone and can call for help if something should happen.

Now it is also important for us to tell that it is not a scare campaign and that you should be completely scared off if your port does not have the necessary security measures. However, we would recommend that if you end up in a port where one of the things is missing, then go with the rest of the port so that you can work together to manage security. In our optics, safety always comes first.

Tip 2 Prices: This tip probably does not come as a surprise to many, but the prices at the various ports may fluctuate. It usually has something to do with supply and demand. When we are around the various marinas, there is one thing that is for sure. People want to talk! Even though we are Danes and we may have a slightly bad reputation that "it is best to take care of yourself". This just does not apply to the Danish ports. Here we have experience that there are a lot of nice and talkative Danes. It's great! So do not hesitate to interrogate yourself around the ports. They will definitely tell you what they think and what they think about the prices at their port.

Tip 3 Easy access: This should be understood in the sense that if you are new and not quite firm with your boat yet, then it is a good idea to choose a port where it does not require the great expertise to get to your own space in the port. There are some ports that are harder than others to get to and from. It may have something to do with waves, wind, boat density and turning space. You can not take it for granted that everyone shows consideration, so take your precautions to get the necessary space, so there should not be the big problems of getting started.

We hope it can be used as an aid to choosing a port. There are, of course, several things, but we thought that if you take these three points as a starting point, then you are pretty well covered.

We would recommend taking a look at Glyngøre harbor:

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